Popular Baby Girl Names 2014

Select the baby Girl Name 2014

There are a lot of beautiful Baby Girl Names in a world. However, parents often can’t choose a name for her daughter. You can call a girl the most popular and widely used to date name. It is a guarantee that no one will express doubts about the beauty of the name and its relevance. But it is better to choose a baby girl name that will emphasize the individuality of the future woman. However, we must know when to stop, not to harm the child. Nobody can know what character traits would prevail in a child - whether a girl so strong and confident, proud to wear an atypical name? Often, a baby girl named after a person that influenced one of the parents. Often the baby girls are called names of the heroines of books, movies, TV shows. However, psychologists do not recommend doing this. The name of a famous actress is not a good idea also. The constant fear of girls do not meet the expectations of her name may cause psychological trauma in the child. Psychologists also recommend not calling a girl named mother - it deprives the child's personality. Considered if the mother and daughter have the same name, they struggle to find a common language.

Psychologists say that using the name of one can affect the nature of the girl. Tight, solid baby girl names contribute to the formation of girls solid, strong, insistent. If parents want their daughter has grown strong, stubborn, active and confident person, psychologists recommend to call it a female-male name. Each baby girl name is associated with other famous people with this name.

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