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Almost in all books and the textbooks devoted to care of children, it is paid attention to that obvious fact that at the baby are imperfect 22 mechanisms of regulation of body temperature in this connection there is a big risk of overcooling. From this, in general, the absolutely correct provisions, often become absolutely wrong выводы.25 to Protection the child from overcooling the prime attention is paid, up to that purchase of an electroheater represents one of most obligatory actions by preparation for a meeting of the newborn. If, as we already mentioned, air temperature in chamber of newborns of maternity hospital should, according to instructions to be not below 22 degrees (as a rule, it above), all afraid parents at any cost will aspire to that, that below this figure it (temperature) did not fall in any way. The author visited hundreds newborns in the first days after their extract from maternity hospital, and feeling shortages of air was the most constant and most typical of all feelings which to it should be tested after the short-term stay in a nursery.

In panic being afraid of cold, parents often also do not reflect on that, what is us imperfection of mechanisms of thermoregulation is fraught not only overcooling, but also overheat.

The metabolism at the newborn proceeds very intensively and it is accompanied by development of a significant amount of heat. From this heat it is necessary for organism of the child to get rid. To make it it is possible two ways - through skin (direct transfer of heat at contact of two environments to the different in temperature, plus sweat evaporation) and through lungs. The air inhaled the person (the newborn - not an exception), reaching lungs, heats up to body temperatures. That is the child inhales air with temperature of 18 degrees, and exhales, respectively, 36,6. Thus, certainly, the certain the quantity of heat is lost. If temperature of inhaled air 23 degrees, that, is obvious that heat losses considerably decrease. But to lose heat it is necessary! And the child makes active the second way of losses - through skin. It is necessary to form sweat, 26 which not only wet, but also salty - means, are lost water and salts, and stocks and that and another at the newborn are very insignificant. Even at small shortage of liquid work of all is essentially broken systems and bodies. And you will surely find consequences of these violations, having developed the child.

Regulation of a temperature mode of the newborn can be it is carried out by means of the solution of two tasks:

1. Air temperature in a nursery; These conclusions are done, as a rule, not by authors of books and textbooks, and parents. Sweat glands at the newborn are developed badly, that is it most By the nature it is adapted for heat loss by means of breath. Oprelost - the inflammation of skin arising, mainly, in its folds. The milkwoman - an inflammation of a mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

2. 2. Clothes of the child. These both tasks should be solved immediately, in the first days after return from maternity hospital. Than more long you will gather and decide, that will be worse to you and to your baby, big efforts will be necessary for those subsequently to make up for lost time.

It is very important not to confuse and not to mix such concepts, as "it is cold to the child" and "air temperature which the child" breathes. The optimum temperature of a nursery makes 18-19 degrees.

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