Popular Baby Girl Names 2014

Select the baby Girl Name 2014

Find beautiful name to match family traditions and culture, will become the guiding light for a child is one of the issues, a concern of parents when they begin to wait for the birth of a new man. To choose a name for the girls in honor of her grandmother, patron or beautiful heroine of the novel is not an easy task, but to solve it yet. Parents give a daughter that will accompany her constantly: in games with peers, while studying and in the process of growing as a person, in friendship and love.

Fashion or tradition?

It happens that due to any event many children are called the same name. We are talking about fashion. There is nothing bad if a man, by which the girl gets the name really has outstanding social, innovative, or other important qualities. Parents are projecting on newborn the successes and victories, which became famous for the woman.

It is not necessary that the prototype for choosing a name was a famous politician, actress, or Director. Often the grandmother or other relative inspires parents so that the answer to the question of how to name a baby girl, appears by itself - of course, in honor of my grandmother! In some families the succession of names is so traditional that women of all generations there are a few familiar generic names, has stood the test of fashion and history.

Name for a baby girl: harmony in any language

Feminine, sweet and airy names popular in many Nations, and disperse from culture to culture. The secret of this universal popularity is simple: the word perceive harmonious in any country, is doomed to imitation and repetition. There is a possibility that the girl in the future will fall into the scope of another culture and language environment? It is advisable to take care that at least her name sounded strange or unpleasant, was not characterized by any two-digit concept.

While thinking how to name a baby girl, many parents draw the eye to the saints, whose day coincided with the birth of a child, wanting to attract the daughter intercessor. The choice of these names is quite wide and often more justified than trying to call the daughter, following the advice of astrologers. It is advisable to pay attention to the name of the newborn smoothly sounded together with the name, because they are often used in pairs.

What does my name mean?

Latest News

A four-and-a-half month-old baby girl looked 'like something from Auschwitz' when found at her home in east London, a court is told.

By Victoria Cavaliere (Reuters) - A nine-month-old baby was shot and severely wounded on Sunday by her father, who told New York City police his gun accidentally discharged while he was cleaning it. Police in Brooklyn responded to a 911 call on Saturday afternoon and found the baby girl with a gunshot wound to her lower left abdomen, a spokeswoman from the New York City Police Department said ...

The maid was filmed on CCTV camera pushing the 18-month-old baby girl to the floor. She then kicked the child's face and stomach before putting her entire weight on the girl's back before dragging her out the room apparently unconscious, newspaper reports said.

Despite these positive stories, Doctors Without Borders said the outbreak is far from over.

T.Y. Hilton's wife gave birth to the couple's baby girl early Sunday. The Colts receiver made it to the stadium to face the Jaguars and promised to score a TD for his daughter. Hilton made good on his word.

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